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Make a Difference

Who are Villa Volunteers? 

We are an influential group of men and women of all ages, dedicated to enhancing resident and tenant’s lives on the Villa campus. People who choose to volunteer are drawn to our dynamic, faith based, mission driven organization that values all and embraces a team approach to provide “Care with Dignity and Grace”. 

What might a Villa Volunteer engage in on a typical day? Your interests drive your efforts!   

Bingo is a favorite for many, or possibly courtyard gardening would make your day sunnier as you brighten the life of another. If you are musically inclined share your talents at sing-a-longs or envision leading your own concerto! Find your inner chef at a bake sale or host a special party to raise money supporting those special little extras. Maybe you yearn to sit and read quietly, write a letter, take a friend for a stroll or simply hold a hand.   

The compensation for your time and efforts is priceless, as you have made a difference in a life. Research reveals the benefits of good health and wellbeing will be reflected to you as you become a treasured member of the Villa family.   

We welcome you! We offer our volunteers flexible schedules and a vibrant, exciting opportunity to make a difference!

Maybe you would like to be a part of our Villa St. Vincent Auxiliary?

Consider becoming a member of the Auxiliary! Join us at our monthly meetings so we can plan how together, we can make a change for humanity! As Mother Theresa said, “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” 

What’s in it for me?
-enhanced happiness and health
-enjoy a free meal with every 4 hours of service
-new friendships
-learn a new skill
-be a part of something bigger than yourself
-build skills and strengthen your resume
-coffee and treats
-maybe even…enlightenment!

 Hey Students-why not join our "STUDENTS 4 SENIORS"? 

Over 15 million youth volunteer each year in this country. Be part of a growing movement! There are opportunities in your own back yard to make a positive impact on your community! Students 4 Seniors are young people ages 9-18 that encourage, help, teach, inspire and bring great joy to the lives of elders on the Villa campus. Come check out what we do, your energy and smile is a magnificent gift to others. Hang out with us!

 Contact us today for further information how you can make a difference as a Volunteer.

Villa St. Vincent 516 Walsh Street, Crookston, MN 56716 (218) 281-3424